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As the creators of this blog, we all consider ourselves to be social scientists. This means that we’re always out there at the bars, clubs, malls, bookstores, caves, etc… doing our “experiments”. Seeing what works, using it, and scraping what doesn’t work. Some of it has worked brilliantly, and the other stuff…well…here’s the story:

I was hanging out at work (yes, I hang out at my job) and my friend suggested that I try meeting girls online. By this time I was already getting better at meeting girls during the day and in clubs/bars. He said there is a whole untapped market of hotties for me online. Plus it only takes two seconds to make a profile. How could I resist? So I began making my profile…

I threw on a couple of pictures of me doing cool stuff and boom, it was done. The great thing about meeting girls online is that you can send messages to 40 girls in 10 minutes. Maybe 10 will respond. After 2 weeks I began to notice patterns and started developing my own routine for meeting girls online (I’ll leave the specifics of that for a seperate blog post).

One of the girls I messaged was a 36 year old woman. She was smokin! Black hair, tanned skin, DD tits. Yeah, hot.

Got her email soon afer. We began messaging each other back and forth. After 2 messages I got her number. The whole time, something felt really off about her. I just kind of tossed that feeling in the back of my mind along with guilt, remorse, and, my love of chocolate, and forgot about it.

I came back to work a week later talking to the same friend who introduced me to this website.

Me: Hey man! I’m seeing this 36 year old woman on Thursday!
Him: Haha, awesome…what’s her name?
Me: Jen
(He pulls out his phone) Him: is this her number?
Me: Ya, how’d you have her number? Did you already see her?
Me: haha why, what’s up? Are you guys going out…

After some probing he told me his story. Apparently he went out with Jen on a date. They kissed a bit, no big deal. Later on, he was talking to her on msn and she told him that ‘she’ was actually a ‘he’. Yup, post-op transexual boys. Live and learn. He didn’t believe her at first but she sent him to another dating website where her profile basically described her journey from man to woman.

Holy shit! I couldn’t believe this. I had to find out for myself. So I descided to text Jen.

Me: Hey babe, are you mtf? (mtf is ‘male to female’)
Her: What? No, I’m not gay.
Me: No, are you a guy.
Her: Yes I’m into guys, not girls.
Her: Fuck off.
Her: Who told you this.
Her: Tell me right fucking now!

And the threats came pouring in. I recieved about 20 texts from her threatening me. Then when I got home she sent me a bunch of pictures of “her” nude with messages like, “Do any boys you know have tits like these?” Needless to say, I was freaked out. Thank God, I didn’t hang out with her.

Millions of men around the world wake up and go to sleep thinking about that one special woman. This one woman is the focus of their lives at the moment and there is nothing in this world that matters more than her. She is the ultimate reason for life, she is the prize.

There is nothing wrong with thinking about a woman but obsessing over a woman that has not reciprocated in the same way towards you can be very harmful to your emotional well being . Truth be told, this type of thinking has haunted every man on earth and has lead to many disastrous consequences. But that is a story for another day. Today I will focus on the steps you can take that will help you overcome this “magical spell”.
First things first guys. This “magical spell” is nothing more than a self creation in your mind. More specifically, it is an illusion that we manufacture in our heads and come up with all sorts of rationalizations to justify. What usually happens is that our focus shifts completely and narrows in on the positives of this woman. Not only do we focus on all the things that we like about her but we also magnify them a hundred fold.As men in this particular situation, we tend to ignore all the negatives about that one particular woman too.

If you take the steps outlined below, I guarantee that you will over come this unhealthy obssession

Shift your focus. Think of all the things you dont like about her. Even if you think she is perfect, think again. You will find things you do not like about any woman, there is no perfect woman nor man.

Go out. Leave you house right now. Go out and do something that you enjoy doing. Go play you favorite sport, go work on your business, go take some language classes, do whatever you like but do not stay inside.

Spend time with other women. Call your female friends/associates/friends with benefits and spend time with them. Do whatever it takes to spend time with and socialize with other women. If you do not have that many women in your life at this moment, go out and meet new ones. Here is a guide to help you get started.

Remember your passions. Recall the things that matter to you most. You must have things other than woman that you hold extremely valuable in your life. If women are your purpose, change it. This will not only help you get over a woman but it will also boost your success in general with women. Check out David Deida for more in depth analysis on this topic.

Stay Healthy, Champ

 Enzo here with a quick article on the real meaning of leadership with women and in life in general. When some one tells you to lead the interaction with a women what comes to mind? The average person today understands leading only as a cause and effect relationship; when some one follows some one else is leading. Most people can recognize the effect but very few have a crystal clear picture of the cause.  

So if I had to sum up the essence of leadership in one phrase how would I do it?
The problem with  the contemporary view of leading is that it is based on results. We judge a leaders effectiveness on the results he produces and the amount of people he leads and thus fail to recognize our own capability to become great leaders. Our own vision of personal leadership is based on results, so we assume that we lack the gusto to lead because people usually aren’t following us. When all along we were looking at the equation backwards. 

 With women you always want to be that “first guy”. The first guy to go over and talk to her and her group, the first guy to suggest they meet your friends, the first guy to initiate physical escalation etc etc. This is the essence of leadership, you don’t lead the cavalry charge by going into battle the last, you do it by going into battle first and inspiring others to do as you do by setting an example. 

When you go first, you take total responsibility for where you are going and you give the women a choice, follow and be wooed or don’t follow and miss up an opportunity with a man that understands the true meaning of leadership. For most women this becomes an easy decision assuming you don’t come off as try hard.

 With this principle in mind, you’re going to find that you come off much more daring and dominant around women, but there’s a second concept that needs to be addressed.

The key to leading people is to give them a reason to follow you. No one really needs some one else to lead them into a lukewarm pool, that’s easy there’s no resistance in them to doing that. However, if the water is really hot or really cold, seeing some one else do it first motivates people to do it themselves and once you’ve motivated people to do it themselves, you’ve taken a leadership role.

 Why am I bringing this up for your romantic life?

 When talking to just women, its easy to do some of the dirty work initially and establish that you are leading. Walking up to a women in a bar and introducing yourself IS dirty work, you’re risking rejection-something she feels hesitant to do no matter how attractive a man is. In doing so you’re showing her that the pool of cold water ( opening up, and flirting with a stranger ) is something that she CAN do-she just needs to follow your lead.

 But when you’re interacting with a group of girls and guys and the apple of your eye happens to be part of this group, things can get more complex. I’ve seen guys screw situations like this up because they tried to lead the entire group without doing any dirty work for the guys. This is where to be successful you need to become the leader of men, you can accomplish this through a number of different ways. 

 See if these guys are waiting on drinks or trying to order and take it into your own hands to loudly demand service. At most clubs and bars, if you act VIP, the staff and other patrons will treat you like VIP, its a great trick for getting service before others, and providing for your new friend’s. Another easy way to get this handled is to bring them more women. Take the initiative, go introduce yourself to some cute girls at the bar and bring them over and introduce them to the guys of the group. If done properly these two things alone will have the men following your lead unconciously because you will have manned up and finished the dirty work they didnt want to do.

 From there you can now lead the whole group and watch the girl you’re interested in go crazy over your ability to win over and lead her and her friends.

 Finally, when working with this concept remember the job of a real leader is to inspire others to lead themselves. If you notice the girl taking initiative to get you back to her place (which a lot of them will do, after you’ve shown how awesome you can be) or another dude taking initiative for the whole group after you’ve done your job, let them. This all just looks better on you. You dont have to be constantly doing the dirty work, once you’ve done it for people once they’ll look for ways to make it up to you.

 breave-hearrrtThere it is. The cause to the effect. Now just LEAD.


My friends JayDee and Logan meet up with some girls we hung out with the previous weekend. I’m about an hour late to the meet up because of work. Right before entering the apartment, I take a few deep breaths, and tell myself to relax and be social. I was still fairly new to social situations with older girls when this story took place, and being in those types of gatherings (even when with friends) was not the norm for me. I decide to immediately throw some high 5’s to everyone after walking in. This is a good way to be high energy, and bring some excitement off the bat.

The conversation is going great with the girls, and I find out soon thereafter that JayDee and Logan set up a running joke of the girls having to pay to see us without our shirts. This is pretty cool since usually it is the guys that are supposed to be chasing the girls. This type of flirty role playing is great. We let them know that their money will be worthwile since we, “work out, and spend excessive amounts ot time shaping our asses with low squats”. Theres sushi and beers, so the night is off to a great start.

The girl that I’m set up with for the night is Alice. She’s several years older than me, which is intimidating. We met once previously, but it was just at a friendly get together. The last time we saw them, we did something cool without knowing that we were doing it. We took the girls on an emotinal rollercoaster ride. Make them feel happy, sad, interested, excited, turned on (can’t forget about the sex talk portion) within a short span of time. That peaked their interest toward us, and made them want to meet up with us again. At this point I was still unsure of how I should escalate sexually with Alice. I kind of figured that when the moment comes I’ll do whatever I feel most natural doing.

Conversation at the table is pretty funny. In fact, we were cracking some jokes about abortions, and womens rights. Two topics that the guys at the table find hilarious. The girls kind of just roll their eyes with a type of, “ugh, these guys are such assholes” look. Added beers get us dangerously close to passing the ‘kick-these-guys-out-of-my-house-boundary’ when JayDee bursts out with, “Okay guys, okay, check it out: What do you call a woman reading a blank sheet of paper?” I’m getting semi-ready to leave since i’m sure the chubby quasi-feminist at the table will go berserk after this one. JayDee is unphased, and answers (after a brief silence), “A woman reading her rights!”. Logan and I burst out laughing, and the 2 non-feminist girls join in. The quasi-feminist is pissed, but since her friends are loving us theres not much she can do about it.

While we were all shooting the shit at the table I decide to subtly touch Alice’s leg with mine. She’s really receptive, and is looking at me with some definite “fuck me eyes”. I escalate to rubbing her leg with my hand under the table. She is still really receptive, so I move in to feeling her inner thigh. When she looks at me I give her dominant eye contact back, and I feel her attraction growing. To escalate things further I start play fighting her a little bit, and all the tension that was built up causes her to go crazy. She tries to violently rip my shirt off, starts scratching, and biting me. At that point I realized that it was going to be on.

After Captain Morgan shots rear their ugly head onto the scene I immediately decide that I’ve had enough playtime with Alice, and try a technique a friend of mine who is really good with women told me about. He calls it, “taking your balls to the wall”. And it involves doing whatever you want to do with zero inhibition. I’m feeling pretty good now, and Alice has shown me enough interest to do this. Its definitely not for the faint of heart, but I throw caution to the wind, and bear hug her from behind. I pick her up, and carry her to the couches in the living room like 20 feet away.

A really intense make out session ensues (mainly because of all the dominance that I demonstrated). My buddies at the table do the right thing and lead the girls into an adjacent room. I try to take Alice’s pants off. She hesitates. I kiss her further to get her more turned on and try again. She looks at me witha ridiculously sultry look and whispers, “not here”.

The two rooms in the apartment are not available. So the remaining choices are the kitchen, and the washroom. I pick Alice up, and carry her to the washroom while jokingly yelling to the others with a heavy european accent, “Not feeling good.. need washroom.. need alice for sexy… I mean helping me”. Our clothes get ripped off eachother right as we make it through the door. I fumble a condom on, and start fingering her. I slap her ass hard, and tell her to turn around and face the mirror. She does. We start off with some doggy style fucking while I’m pulling her hair.

The next position we do is with her sitting on the seat-down-toilet with her legs spread. This lasts for a while until I get tired of holding myself up in a half-squatting position. I thrust deep inside of her as i’m about to climax, and then orgasm hard. We put our clothes back on quickly all the while giggling about how stealthy we are. Once we come outside the looks that Alice’s friends are giving her tell me that we weren’t so stealthy after all.

What I’ve learned from that experience:

  • Having zero inhibitions is a very poweful seduction tool.
  • You don’t need to always be thinking about some ridiculous tactics to pull off. Having fun with your friends and a few girls is enough.
  • The guys that get laid a bunch are the ones that go for what they want. Be that guy.
  • It is possible to have sex with cute girls within a short span of knowing them. This one totally blew my mind away since I thought that was just something that maybe 1% of guys were able to do. I discovered it was all very possible.

We’ve already covered the some guidelines to stick by when you’re face to face with a girl.  Today many people have difficulty with talking on the phone with someone they not familiar with. This isn’t a problem that only afflicts a younger, more internet dependent demographic. I’ve talked to plenty adults who get nervous about talking to women, or business prospects on the phone. With the increase in internet communication, being good on the phone can be one way to set you apart from all the other guys that email/IM/text her. Here are 7 guidelines I use when calling women.

1.) Prepare: Begin by jotting down a few interesting things that happened to you in the past few days. Don’t write elaborate paragraphs, but a few words about topics of conversation. For example, today I went out and got some kickass fruit salad, watched slumdog millionaire, and I just finished up a hard workout at home. These can be my 3 “go to” topics in case the conversation starts to die out. Elaborating on each one of those topics, and making a small joke about it can lead to a few minutes of conversation easily.

2.) Crack a few jokes: This is key. Guys that are naturals with women have a good sense of humour, and joke around a lot. The best way to do this is to bust on her a little bit for something that she did. You’re not making fun of her as much as you are teasing her. This is really important on the phone, and in your daily interactions as well. This type of teasing peaks their interest toward you (if you’re face to face, you’ll know you’re teasing her right if she starts hitting you lightly, pushing you away playfully, or laughing about whatever it is you’re saying).

3.) Lead: As with most things that are woman-related, you need to lead. Lead the conversation where you want it to go. This doesn’t mean to be talking most of the time, but know that when she is talking about something it is because you’re down with that topic. If she starts discussing something you’re not OK with, change the conversation to something that you want to talk about.

4.) Tonality: Hum before calling her. Basically make the type of “ohhmmmmmmm” sounds that people do when they’re meditating for yoga. When you’re humming, take your voice to high levels, and to low levels to get a good range going. Right before dialing the number hum in a low baritone for about 5-7 seconds. Apart from subtle relaxation reasons, this helps your voice have more resonance, make it deeper, and more dominant.

5.) Call her by her name: Don’t go crazy with this one, but using her name a bunch is good for creating comfort, and building rapport.

6.) Availability: Similar to when you’re kissing her, be the first person to say bye.  this shows that you’re a busy dude that has a bunch of stuff going on in your life. You took some valuable time out of your schedule to talk to her, and she should be appreciative towards that. You’re not a needy friend that has all the time in the world to talk to her. This also provides dominance (you’re in control). And finally, if we look at this from an economic stand point: her demand for you is increasing since your supply is low.

7.) Stay comfortable: You need to sound like you’re in the zone. This is best accomplished by sitting down in a comfortable position where you are relaxed.

3-beautiful-woman-eyesRegards gentlemen, Enzo here, on the topic of eye contact. Today I’m going to break down eye contact into a science. We’re going to look at the ins and outs of good eye contact, and make certain that you are fully aware of what “strong eye contact” really means.  

 So lets begin with the basics. 


 It doesn’t sound hard, but I’ve seen more than one guy dance around looking a girl in the eyes while talking to her. Dont let your eye contact be accidental, dont look to see if shes looking into your eyes first. Be deliberate. Look her in the eyes even when shes not reciprocating, this is a sign of dominance and comfort. Make sure to break eye contact every now and then because it will get weird after a while (assuming you guys are just talking, if you are escalating with the women, then strong prolonged eye contact is key). 
 Some guys get nervous and look away if they notice that she’s looking away. To break eye contact because of this is usually a bad thing; if you are talking to a girl and shes avoiding eye contact with you its because of one of two reasons. 
1) You came on too strong, and you’re creeping her out. Dont sweat it if this happens, we’ve all had those moments. Just continue on assuming the best if you’re uncertain and excuse yourself politely if you know its your fault.
2) You came on strong and dominant, and now she’s really attracted to you. When a women finds you attractive she’ll go through the exact same emotions that you go through when you’re around a super hottie. She might avoid eye contact, trip over her own words, and be nervous because she’s worried that she might blow her chance with you.

 Now the major thing to ensure that you’re in situation 2 all the time is to be COMFORTABLE with eye contact.


 To make your eyes alone have the penetrating effect on women you’d like them to have, you have to first control yourself. You need to be relaxed, and comfortable despite the social pressure you may be feeling during the interaction. Fidgeting and shaky body language are going to make it hard for the girl to focus on your eyes, and thats where the magic is going to happen, so take time to pratice being very still and comfortable while making eye contact with people. Practice with all people first and in time you will be completely comfortable with making eye contact with beautiful women. 


 Another thing you guys can try to make yourselves more comfortable with eye contact-do this at your own discretion-is to go out for a night and make it your goal to hold strong deliberate eye contact while saying something that usually makes you uncomfortable.  When you’ve locked eyes with people, you have no place to run. Usually people look away to say something that they’re nervous about. Forcing yourself to say things like this while locked in eye contact are going to desensitize you to the inherent pressures some people feel about holding good eye contact and make you more relaxed in talking about mundane topics.


 One of the biggest problems guys have with eye contact is feeling that they didnt come off as alpha during the eye contact. This usually has something to do with the way they broke the eye contact. There are three ways to break eye contact and each one has it’s own instinctual meaning.
1) You can break eye contact by looking down. 

 This is what the majority of guys out to meet women do, and they wonder why they feel bad about it. Breaking eye contact downwards is a sign of SUBMISSION. We look down when we are being scolded, we look down when we were in trouble as kids, we should not be breaking eye contact downwards with women we intend to charm. To break eye contact down tells the girl that you clearly dont think of yourself as good enough for her, and immediately all the attraction and tension you built up with your dominant eye contact disapears. Are you shooting yourself in the foot by doing this?
2) You can break eye contact by looking to the side.

 To break eye contact to the side is a sign of neutrality. It is the way you want to be breaking your eye contact with 99% of the women that you encounter. It doesn’t show any dominant traits in you to break it this way, but it shows that all your deliberate eye contact and comfort aren’t just an elaborate front being put on by a submissive beta male.
3) You can break eye contact by looking up.

 This is what most women do when the average guy tries to make eye contact with them accidentaly and then looks away. It is a sign of dismissal. You roll your eyes up and communicate to people that you are just too good for them. Again use this with your own discretion, but sometimes it can be helpful with super hotties to break eye contact up every now and then in a conversation, especially if she says things you dont like. This is only effective with the kind of girls that would use it a lot herself. If you do this to a nice receptive girl she’s going to think you’re an asshole, but if you use this technique on a smoking hot babe who thinks shes super exclusive it could build a lot of extra sexual tension between the two of you.  A final note of caution; use this only in the beginning and very sparingly, let her work to win you over and then go back to being neutral.



When talking business with your associates or potential clients, it is always best to look them in the left eye. The left eye is associated with your right brain-your critical and logical thinking brain. To do this helps to build trust and synergy on the task at hand. When flirting or going for a make out or getting to know a woman it is always best to look into her right eye. The right eye is in direct contact with the left brain which is the more emotional and abstract part of your brain, the part much more conducive to making things sexual. 

 Look deep into her right eye, be relaxed, hold firm eye contact and break it to the side every so often while holding a conversation and watch as mundane topics like “where she’s from” and “where you work” suddenly build massive attraction and sexual tension between the two of you. Dont worry about getting it all perfect, just give it a try and feel free to share any experiences or questions you have in the comments section. 

 Until next time gentlemen, Cheers.
 – Enzo